About Nada Yoga School

Offering much more than a mere qualified yoga teaching training course, Nada Yoga School is a boutique yoga center that intertwines expert classical hatha yoga teaching with the ancient musical Nada Yoga knowledge.

Under the tutelage of master teachers with their decades’ experience, the various 200-hour teaching programmes weave an intensive study of yoga asanas, pranayama, philosophy, chakra systems, human anatomy, ayurvedic medicine, meditation technique, purification practice, music mantra, and kirtan study.

Nada Yoga School is the first of its kind in India to combine the ancient studies of musical vibration — where the sound is used for inner transformation —  with a classical hatha yoga practice, one undisputedly interlinked with the other.

Registered with Yoga Alliance, USA, Nada Yoga School is one of the oldest and traditional yoga schools in Rishikesh, India, with its team of eight of the best-recognized yoga teachers of Rishikesh.

Nada Yoga School was established in 1950 by world-renowned reverent Swami D. R. Parvatikar Maharaj (one of the famous masters in India, known as Nada Yogi Veena Baba).  He established his unique teaching known as Nada Yoga – a holistic union through sound. Today’s successor to Veena Baba is the school’s administrator Bhuwan Chandra, master sitar player and Indian Classical master who has been a musician and a yoga practitioner since childhood.

To study yoga at Nada Yoga School is to come to the source of authentic ancient knowledge and yoga technique in the yoga capital of the world.

Set in its prime location directly overlooking and alongside the beauty of the Ganges in the famous Ram Jhula area of Rishikesh, Nada Yoga School runs yoga teachers training, kundalini yoga courses, nada yoga courses, yoga retreats, workshops, and yoga intensives for those who want to gain a real knowledge of ancient hatha yoga in the simplicity of the ashram’s atmosphere.

The School is the perfect place to acquire the knowledge of Yoga and its path towards becoming a professional Yoga Teacher, as well as, to gain a more profound understanding of one’s own healthy, peaceful and happy life.

Nada Yoga School also hosts yearly International Yoga and Music Festival, which is organized every year in the month of November 1 to 7 free and open to all.